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Resource Corner 

Dear Members,

Resource Corner is dedicated to providing our members with the opportunity to share any teaching resources, activities or website links with other Chinese language educators.  Please email the CLTAWA Committee the contents you would like to share with other Chinese teachers and the level your contribution is suited to i.e. Primary/Secondary/Background/All Levels.  Contents deemed suitable and appropriate by the Committee will be uploaded to the CLTAWA Website.  The Committee will acknowledge your contribution with your name on the website which can be used as evidence of being a Highly Accomplished or even Lead teacher as per Aitsl's Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (See below).  You can remain anonymous if you prefer, we will only publish the contributor’s name if permitted. Please forward any teaching resources, activates or website links to [email protected] and contact the Committee if you have any further enquiries.   

3.4 Select and use resources

4.2 Manage classroom activities
4.3 Manage challenging behaviour

Thanks in advance for your generous contribution.


"Mom, I Took Notice", 《其实我都看见了》from Ms Lam from Chung Wah Chinese School (Morley).


Learning Mat from Laura 

Students often forgot the vocabulary and the characters, so Laura and her collegues  created an A3 "Learning mat" for each student to have on their desk. The back side is a map and troubleshooting for typing characters. The students who struggled with the demands of Mandarin found these invaluable. 

Famous Brands Name from Laura 

She took the names of famous brands in Chinese and created a worksheet, please click here a match up to download it. 

Triangle Puzzles from Laura

The teacher needs to print, cut and laminate the puzzle before students use them. Students then complete the puzzles by matching the English, pinyin and characters. please click here Triangle Puzzles to download it. 

Website and Apps 

Website resource from Arlene Wong 

Please click to this link PDF and find the Chinese resources shared by Arlene. It contains a compilation of resources that she uses as well as the ones that were showcased in some of the Conference sessions in Adelaide. 

Webcam from Laura

My students all have their own device with webcam, so for their writing and speaking mark, I got the students to watch a simple video that modelled what I wanted students to do. We had covered topics such as introducing oneself, family and pastimes, so I asked my students to write about this. They had to write 25 sentences on their computers, then read it to their webcam. We did this idea in French, Indonesian and Mandarin at Duncraig. 
The youtube clip features Jiamin who unfortunately is Cantonese, but I think his Chinese is fairly standard in this. Jiamin has given permission for this clip to be on youtube and used for educational purposes. I have placed Mandarin, pinyin and English subtitles on the youtube video. 
Its an activity that can be tailored to the year level and topics covered in class.